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With secure and reliable servers resold, our affordable options are currently divided into 3 different packages to choose from.

Click each package below to learn more about what is included.

Rook Web Hosting PackageKnight Web Hosting PackageBishop Web Hosting Package


What’s included with each package? Here is a chart breakdown of what you are essentially receiving with our web hosting packages.

Rook Knight Bishop
Disk Space 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Bandwidth 10 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Domains Allowed 1 5 15
Sub-domains Allowed 1 15 unlimited
Emails Allowed 10 25 unlimited
FTP Accounts 1 10 20
MySQL Databases 5 10 20
File Manager
Site Builder Software
24×7 Support
Virus Scan
Web Stats
SEO Tools
Shopping Cart
from $2.70 per month from $4.97 per month from $6.59 per month


Some details behind what’s included in every package

Domain Names: While we dont’ necessarily purchase domains for you, we do allow you to have multiple domains on one account. With the exception of the Rook package, you can have different domain names that route to your website, or host different websites within one account with each domain names pointing to each website. This is good for business who wish to create websites for multiple divisions of their business or maybe just want to combine 2 or more websites into one account. We do not host these domains, you would have to purchase them separately thru a domain registrar or reseller, but once purchased we can assist you with ensuring they point to your website correctly.



SubDomains: Behind every great domain, is a sub-domain. Ok, we made that up but  essentially the idea of a sub-domain is to give a specific section of your website a recognizable identity. For example, this website is called jaydeem.com . If we want to have certain people visit our webhosting area, we will give them this sub-domain, webhosting.jaydeem.com . They wouldn’t have to access our main site first, then look for a link to click on, etc. It’s more memorable and easier to say than www.jaydeem.com/webhosting. The amount of sub-domains you get does differ among each package but they are available for all packages.



SiteBuilder: There are those of us that want to build a website but do not have the expertise behind making the  kind of website we want. With each package, you have the option of using the sitebuilder tool. As long as you know how to use a mouse and keyboard, you can now create stunning and attractive webpages and websites with just a few clicks. Very easy and straight forward to use and less time consuming, thanks to the 3,000+ pre-made template resources already available for use. Try out our demos or view the lot of sample pages we’ve made using the site builder tool. We’ve given it a test run ourselves and we highly encourage it.



Email Accounts: Chances are if you’re browsing the internet right now, you have an email account. Who doesn’t have email? Now let’s ask your business the same question. Everyday I see businesses who have a website already going for them, yet when I check their email account, it’s something along the lines of: myBusinessName@hotmail.com or myBusinessName@yahoo.com. Sometimes I even see the personal email of the business owner set as the business contact email.
While those domains are among the most reliable and secure ones out there, that doesn’t mean you must use it for your business. It’s more professional to have a domain that points to your own website. For example, myName@myWebsite.com is more professional and leaves a favorable impression among whomever sees it. With webmail functionality and the ability to forward to your personal email, our email account option is available for all packages. The only difference is the amount of email accounts you are allocated.



Virus Scan: Security is essential in almost everything we do online. With many business owners taking their company online, there is the need of security and stability. The internet can be a dangerous place, and there are hackers around the world trying to tear down and break in to websites for many purposes. Installing malware and spyware is one of the practices that can hurt a website and potentially the business as well. An installed file, can affect whomever visits your site, forcing their machines to download this malware and infect their computers. Google may also list your site as potentially dangerous and slap the embarassing red redirect page on your site for visitors to see, making them feel uneasy about your site. Our virus scan software is available and is not an option. We deem it necessary to ensure every site we host is safe and secure from such viruses and malware.



File Manager: We have an easy to use interface that lets you see the structure of your website by looking at all your folders and files in one sitting. It comes in handy when you want to access your website internally and make changes but you are not at your computer and/or don’t use an FTP client. If you’re familiar with managing files and folders within a windows PC or Mac system then using our file manager system is no different. Along with file manager, we have FTP accounts available with every account.



FTP Accounts: The only downside to file manager is the fact that you can not transfer multiple files at once. Not to worry, because FTP lets you transfer an unlimited number of files at once. It comes in handily when transferring large folders or software from your computer to your website. Once the process of transferring or downloading begins, you can conveniently step aside and go have a coffee while your FTP client communicates with our server. We offer FTP accounts and the only difference with each package is the amount of FTP accounts you are allocated.



MySQL Databases: A lot of business owners may not know what these are, but take our word when we say, these are very very good to have. Unless you want a basic one or 2 page website with a fairly small amount of information, you will want to use a mySQL database. These give you the option to be able to install php software like Content Management Systems (CMS) and contact forms on your website. the mySQL databases store tables that store items to be referenced by commands given from the php software you install. The amount of mySQL databases differ from package to package and the luxury of having multiple databases is so that you can have multiple php software to be used on your site.



Web Stats: Just about every business owner wants to know how their site is doing. That’s why we offer a breakdown report of who visits your website and what they clicked on to get to whichever section of your website. It’s a good analysis tool in order to let you know if your site needs to be modified or reconstructed so that a page can be more easily found or fixed if it’s broken. It’s insightful and we felt it was mandatory for the aspiring business owner who wishes to have their business website built for success!



24×7 Support: Does all of this still sound like gibberish to you? Scared to take the plunge? Our 24×7 support is always available and on call to answer any questions you may have or provide tech support for your website. You can also reach Jaydeem’s web design staff as well in case you are needing any support, tips or advice for building your website. You can reach the tech support staff via submitting a trouble ticket, chatting with an available agent or speaking on the phone. We’re all here anytime to be of assistance because we understand the challenges and obstacles that can arise from website design, hosting and development.
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