Jaydeem is a one-stop resource for web design and maintenance services. Aiming to be an ideal solution for any individual or small business, we serve as the liaison between you, the business owner and your website functionality and web presence online. Placing the tasks of setting up web elements like pages, links, pictures, media, contact forms, and feedback forums, just to name a few will allow you to gather enough time to take a look at your business with a richer perspective.

Not only do we work diligently and in a timely manner to get your website up and running but we also offer maintenance at competitive costs. The difference between us and other website development companies and contractors is that we just don’t build your website and send your bill in the mail. We work on a contractual basis to supply our services like updating the website as well as help, support, and coaching.

We are now in an age of social media and marketing, and the speed of technology today is so unparalleled that unlike 5 years ago, having a website today is only a fraction of a well established business online. We now provide you the option to market your product with us thru social media outlets with facebook pages, google pages, twitter, etc.

Tasks like these do take time, knowledge and patience to complete and as a fellow business owner, I understand that those 3 qualities are not abundant in the every day life of a small business owner. As Jaydeem, we are the solution to this problem.

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